3D Swing Analysis

3D Kinematic Sequence Swing Analysis

3-D Kinematic Sequence Swing Analysis

Kinematics is the study of motion. Golf Body Performance Center believes that the more YOU know and understand your swing motion the better you will be on the golf course playing at your highest level, enjoying yourself for a long time while staying injury free.

The 3-D Kinematic Sequence is the only way to evaluate how efficiently energy is transferred in the golf swing. Good technique means building an efficient transfer of energy resulting in maximum power through impact. This efficient movement cannot be detected by the naked eye or a video camera.

Golf Body Performance Center is proud to be the only facility in St. Louis that utilizes the 3-D Kinematic Sequence technology. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology the Golf Body Performance team can help you get better, FASTER!

1 hour session includes:

  • Kinematic Sequence Analysis
  • Bio feedback session to retrain motion
  • 11 page report
  • Take home CD of swings and sequence

Tuition: $159